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The dwelling is situated on the municipality of “Ilustre villa de Mélida” (Navarre) which is situated at the same time on the region denominated “Bajo Aragón”, which has the privilege to be “Congozante of Bardenas Reales” and also the privilege to belong to “Judicial Party of Tudela”

The flag of Mélida is red having the emblem of the town on the centre.

It has an expanse of 26, 03 km2

Altitude on the Town hall 349 mts

786 inhabitants in year 2008

The river Aragón flows into the town.

The climate Mediterranean-continental predominates, and it is influenced by Bardenas Reales

People devote their lives to agriculture

The stock area lacks relevance apart from having few heads of bovine and ovine cattle.

There is also little business activity, there are three enterprises: “Swimming pools Navarre S.A.L devoted to the fabrication of swimming pools; AN S Coop. Abattoir of birds and Garages Fran, welding and keeping

As far as the hotel trade is concerned there are two restaurants: “Orein Handía” and “Asador Gorría”; three pubs “Derby”, “Chato” and “Musgo” apart from “San Isidro society” with bar and cafe included

There are other establishments that give independence to the town, fishmongers, butchers, tobacconist’s, baker’s, hairdresser’s, small supermarkets and a “todo a cien”.

There is a hospital on the village, there is also a chemist's, and there are two savings banks, the savings bank of Navarre and “Caja rural of Navarre”



The days 24, 25 and 26 July the festivals of Santa Ana and Santiago, “small festivals” are celebrated

From the days 19 to 25 August the festivals of San Bernardo, “big festivals” are celebrated

The day 14 September the “Exhalation of the Holy Cross” takes place




The village owns municipal swimming pools, football field and football and basketball pitch, pelota court and a children’s park

At the end of year 2006, the cycling club Melidés was created in order to promote the love for cycling which exists on this village




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