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The holiday cottage Encarna can be found on Bardenas street 3, Mélida (Navarre)

This cottage can lodge six people.

It has:

Three double bedrooms (having two of them double bed and the other one single bed)

Well equipped kitchen

Very spacious living room


Central heating

Terrace and parking for two vehicles


Blankets and towels

Games for children, Travel cot

Television, DVD and stereo

No animals allowed


The building consists of two floors

The ground floor is made up of the dwelling

The first floor is made up only of a terrace


It is the first house which is situated on the odd side of Bardenas street, that’s why it turns the corner. Two of the facades of the dwelling are external facades and the other two stay in the inside of the private area.

You can find a door thanks to which you can enter a garage which is used by the proprietor and which is not going to be handed in for this activity, on the façade that turns to Sol Street.



You accede the dwelling through the front door of Bardenas street

You can enter the hall by opening this door and you arrive at the corridor through this one, this way you are situated on the centre of the dwelling. There is a door just opposite which belongs to a bedroom including a double bed and which measures 10, 56 m2. On the left side there are another two doors which belong to the other two bedrooms, one of them measuring 10, 56 including two beds that measure 1, 05. The remaining bedroom measures 10, 20 m2 including a double bed. There are three doors if we turn right, the first one on the left is connected with the kitchen, which measures 14, 33 m2, the second one at the bottom of the corridor including the bathroom, which measures 4, 52 m2 and the third one of double leaf including the dining room, which measures 19, 95 m2.

The dwelling can lodge six people and measures 81, 42 m2.







It is “L” shaped and surrounds two of the façades of the dwelling.

There is a plot of ground which measures 50 m2 by opening the metallic door which is used at the same time as a parking.

Turning left you find the garden that measures 125 m2. On the corner of the house there are stairs thanks to which you can go into the dwelling from the kitchen


At the bottom and supported by the wall there is another stair that measures 5 m and which permits you to go up the terrace on the first floor.

There is a new room which measures 27 m2 between the garden and the parking. “El Txoko”