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The Bardenas Reales is a unique and spectacular landscape. It was declared reserve of the biosphere by UNESCO in year 2000




There are three nature reserves in Bardenas Reales, “Vedado de Eguaras” “Rincón del Bú” and the “Caídas de la Negra” which owe their protection to their nature value

The “Vedado de Eguaras” is a small oasis of vegetation consisting of 157 hectares; in the inside we find the ruins of the Castle of Peñaflor




The “Rincón Del Bú” owes its name to the real owl which breeds on the blocks of this territory. This reserve occupies 460 hectares of cliffs and ravines which offer an extraordinary spectacle of shapes sculpted by the wind.



The nature reserve of “Caídas de la Negra" has an extension of 1. 926 hectares; it occupies the meridian slope of “Plana de la Negra”





In spite of being a desolate and arid landscape, the Bardenas Reales hide interesting examples of flora and fauna of the steppe










The Bardenas Reales can be crossed on foot, although they have journeys to be completed by bike as well as by motorised vehicles. The right indications to complete the different journeys according to the law and transport chosen can be found inside the park.




Just before the sixth kilometre of the road Carcastillo-Sádaba, the "Camino Real" of the inhabitants of Roncal leads us to "El Paso" where we can find the hut of the wardens and the monument to the shepherd. It is the northern entrance to Bardenas Reales.





Next to the ravine of "la Limas" you can go up to the vantage point, where you will have the privilege to enjoy an extraordinary view of the Bardena Blanca





It is the area where the most spectacular formations of the journey are found. You can see "Angarillones", "la Ralla", "El Rallón", and the head of "Sanchicorrota"

Those people who intend to visit Bardenas Reales must bear in mind the following:



To go camping and caravanning except for authorised areas

Make a fire except for specific areas

To organise sports competitions using motorised vehicles

To climb

To walk outside those paths which are signposted

To come close to the nests of birds

To go to the shoot field; you are not likely to get lost, as the perimeter of the industrial area is perfectly signposted



To reduce speed limit to 40 km per hour while circulating the authorised paths

To respect the fauna, the livestock, the vegetation and its inheritance, avoid making any unnecessary noise

To park the vehicles on authorised areas

Dogs have to be well looked after in order not to bother either the fauna or the livestock

Not to leave rubbish

If you intend to make any photographs or shootings to be divulgated you must ask the "Junta of Bardenas" for permission

Pay attention to the wardens’ instructions


To cover your heads; bring always sunglasses and sun cream with you

Since water can only be found in the villages it is necessary to bring enough potable water with you

Not to approach neither the ravines nor their peak when birds breed from February to June

To go in from eight o’clock and no to prolong your stay after dusk

If you wish to complete the journey by bike and you see it is going to rain, put immediately an end to it, since your bike is likely to sink in the mud

To bring spares for the tires